What is my mailbox name?

Your mailbox name is the name of the file on the server where all of your email messages are stored. Mailbox names are in the form of firstnamelastname@vigocountyfire.com or username@pop.powweb.com.

Why is my mailbox name different than my email address?

When the system was first put into use each user was given an email address and a username. The username was the name of the mailbox and the email address that was given pointed to that mailbox. The username had to be unique on the server.

The system was later upgraded to be more functional. When this happened all of the old mailbox names (usernames) were converted to a common form that was compatible with the new system (one that uses a domain name). All new mailboxes created on the system are created in the new form using vigocountyfire.com as the domain. Mailboxes still have to be unique across the system.

Why can I not log in to check my mail or manage my mailbox?

When logging in you have to use your full mailbox name. Mailbox names are in one of two forms, firstnamelastname@vigocountyfire.com or usernname@pop.powweb.com. The form used depends on when your mailbox was created.

All new mailboxes will be similar to firstnamelastname@vigocountyfire.com. If you were given a "username" when your mailbox was created then your mailbox name is similar to username@pop.powweb.com.


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